Skin Care

oxybotanicalmilkcleanserdryOxy Botanicals Milk Cleanser

For normal to dry skin. A great gentle & creamy cleanser for all skin types in need of hydration and comfort.


oxybotanicalmilkcleanserdryOxy Botanicals Milk Cleanser

For combination to oily skin. A great gentle & creamy cleanser for skin types with oil control problem.


oxybotanicalsmakeupremoverOxygen Botanicals Makeup Remover

For all skin types. This makeup remover is a unique refreshing and gentle hydrating gel that goes on smoothly onto the skin. Suitable for all skin types and ages.


oxybotanicalsfoaminggelcleanserOxygen Botanicals Specialty Foaming Gel Cleanser B

For all skin types. This green foaming gel is suitable for all skin types looking for a fast, fresh way to wash their face and eliminate all trace of oil & residue.


oxybotanicalsexfoliatOxygen Botanicals Exfoliant

For all skin types. Want smooth “baby soft” skin? Use our gentle, creamy exfoliant at least once a week to remove the dead cells from the surface of the skin. It’s fast and easy to use and you feel the results after the first use! Made of small Jojoba beads, this exfoliant is suitable for all skin types


oxybotanicalsmultifruitrefinerOxygen Botanicals Multifruit Acid Refiner

For all skin types. This 10% AHA is a creamy texture that can help you achieve newer, healthy-looking skin or help you spot treat blemishes.

Use with caution if first time use and progressively build tolerance to the product.


oxyeyeserumOxygen Botanicals Eye Serum

For all skin types. This eye serum can be used alone or under our eye cream to boost it. Men love this product to relief tired eyes in the morning. Instant Freshness and soothing effect guaranteed.


oxyvitamincserumOxygen Botanicals Vitamin C Serum

For normal to dry OR combination to oily: This vitamin C is a youthful cocktail for anyone looking for a daily protection against pollution and free radicals.


oxyspecialtyserumbOxygen Botanicals Specialty Serum B

This serum is for Blemishes. It is a great serum for acneic, combination to oily skin types in need to control oil and help with appearance of blemishes.


oxygeltonerdryOxygen Botanicals Gel Toner

For normal to dry skin. This liquid gel is a unique toner to use anytime of the day to refresh, soothe, and help all skin types to restore natural moisture.


oxygeltonerOxygen Botanicals Gel Toner

For combination to oily skin. This liquid gel is a unique toner to use anytime of the day to refresh and help oily skin types to absorb excess oil.


oxyeyecreamOxygen Botanicals Eye Cream

Using an eye cream is important because you’re daily moisturizer is too rich for the delicate eye area, creating sometimes puffiness overnight. This light, yet highly concentrated eye cream deeply hydrates, protects and prevents future damages to maintain a youthful, radiant eye contour.


oxyspecialtycreambOxygen Botanicals Specialty Cream B

This moisturizer has specific ingredient to help lightly hydrate oily and problem skins while controlling blemishes. The complexion stays matte all day thanks to the velvety powder texture.


oxydaycreamOxy Botanicals Day Cream

For normal to dry skin. This moisturizer is suitable for the most sensitive and all dehydrated skin types. The light texture is quickly absorbed and can be used both day and night.


oxydaycreamoilyOxy Botanicals Day Cream

For combination to oily skin. This moisturizer is perfect for skin types looking for a light daily hydration with some oil control ingredient.


oxynightcreamdryOxy Botanicals Night Cream

For normal to dry skin. This moisturizer nourishes without a heavy feeling, suitable for all dehydrated skin types and ages, even the most sensitive ones.


oxynightcreamoilyOxy Botanicals Night Cream

For combination to oily skin. This moisturizer helps all skin types with oil control problem to balance at night while keeping a good hydration level.


oxytotalprotectionOxygen Botanicals Total Protection Cream

For all skin types. Use of a daily protection is very important to protect your skin against the harmful UV rays.



This patented formula is 100% effective as an antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment. This product cools and shrinks and reduces swelling, breaks fats and oils to prevent clogging. Protects the hair follicle, gets rid of in-grown hairs and prevents new ones, and slows new hair growth.

daisynaturalsfootcrystalsDaisy Blue Naturals Peppermint Foot Crystals

Soak your feet in these minty crystals to soothe, soften and deodorize!


daisynaturalsfootbutterDaisy Blue Naturals Peppermint Foot Butter

Smells great, invigorates, & ooh your feet will LOVE you!


daisynaturalsalmondbodybutterDaisy Blue Naturals Awesome Almond Body Butter

Wrap your skin in a rich, creamy blend of sensual almonds and shea butter that softens and soothes for 24 hours!


daisynaturalalmondsugarscrubDaisy Blue Naturals Awesome Almond Sugar Scrub

Sugar, Olive Oil, Jojoba, and Beeswax leave your skin smoother while improving circulation. Sugar sloughs off dead skin allowing the natural oils and beeswax to nourish and protect.


daisygrapefruitbodybutterDaisy Blue Naturals Groovy Grapefruit Body Butter

Discover a new way to wake you up and moisturize your skin for up to 24 hours!


daisygrapefruitsugarscrubDaisy Blue Naturals Groovy Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

A groovy semi-solid scrub that exfoliates the skin powerfully, yet gently. Use on the entire body to brighten the skin and improve circulation. Helps lessen the look and feel of cellulite, and dry flaky patches on your skin.


daisypombodybutterDaisy Blue Naturals Pomelicious Pomegranate Body Butter

Rich and creamy, packed with antioxidants and vitamins to make the skin more healthy, soft, and nourished. Long lasting moisturizer for the entire body!


daisypomsugarscrubDaisy Blue Naturals Pomelicious Pomegranate Sugar Scrub

Smooth away bumps, flakes, and improve circulation with this 100% natural, deliciously nourishing sugar scrub. That is rich in antioxidants and moisturizing oils to nourish and gently smooth the skin.


daisyaftersunmistDaisy Blue Naturals After Sun Mist

Pure aloe vera juice combines with the natural peppermint and lavender for the ultimate cooling & healing experience after sun and heat. Most aloe vera products contain as little as 15% aloe vera and can dry out the skin using alcohol and other drying agents. Ours is nourishing, hydrating, and leaves you feeling tingly and cooled!


daisycomfortbodyoilDaisy Blue Naturals Comfort Body Oil

When your body screams for relief, you need Comfort Oil. Blended with 10 different plant and essential oils-long known and studied for their pain relieving effects. Simply apply to affected area and feel the Comfort. 100% Natural!


daisycomfortbathcrystalsDaisy Blue Naturals Comfort Bath Crystals

Soak away aches and pains naturally. Infused natural salts contain 5 essential oils that combat pain and soreness, great for arthritis and fibromyalgia sufferers. Follow with Comfort Oil. 100% Natural!